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we developed a product that is tough on fungal and bacterial infections, gentle on the skin, and smells as natural as the herbs it's created with. Though called an Anti-Fungal Salve, it contains anti-microbial herbs and essential oils that battle both fungal and bacterial infections

Zephyr's Anti Fungal Salve is one of our best-selling products and #1 with CA Riding Magazine. It was rated "TOP PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" in their October 2008 issue. Join the growing list of horse owners who discovered that scratches, horse fungus, rain scald, and rain rot don't stand a chance against this horse salve. Plus, you don't need latex gloves to apply this safe and effective horse preparation. This salve contains Echinacea, Burdock, Goldenseal Root, Chapparal, Calendula, Sage, Tea Tree, Black Walnut Hulls and other herbs. It's best for "crusty" fungal/bacterial infections such as scratches, rain rot, and ring worm. This salve can be applied daily until skin is healed and new hair growth is evident. For non-crusty skin fungal/bacterial infections such as girth itch, face, ear, and chest dermatitis we recommend our Anti-Fungal Spray, which can also be used as a rain rot preventative.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review