Zephyr's Stop The Itch Spray

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Are you battling a severe case of Sweet Itch (summer itch, midline itch)? Use this spray in conjunction with our Stop The Itch Salve. First apply a thin layer of the salve on all raw, broken or scabbed skin. Then apply the spray to the entire affected area. The spray will get into all the hard to reach places. This "double" coat will provide added relief and healing, while the salve also acts as a barrier against the midges. Works on rider itches/bug bites as well!

The Stop The Itch Spray is a liquid, oil-free version of our top selling salve. Can be used in conjunction with the salve or on its own. Perfect for rubbed tails, hard to reach underbellies, chests, rumps, in and around the ears and face. Dries clear and will not leave a residue. Spray contains powerful herbs to relieve itching, soothe the skin, start healing, and regrow hair. All in a soothing aloe vera juice base to calm and moisturize the skin. Can be used daily or as needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review