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Steer or cowhide comes in various tannages, the most popular being crazy horse—a lightly sanded pull-up leather with a hot stuffed wax treatment. Our steer hides are aniline tanned so the color is consistent through and through. Because of these two processes, the leather lightens in color as the hand lasting process highlights the character of the hide. 

  • Vamp: Tan Burnished Crazy Horse 
  • Top: 13” Tangerine Glove Top 
  • Toe: DB (Wide Square) 
  • Removable Footbed
  • DWS (Double Welt Sole Stitch) 
  • Sole: Leather Hybrid -These boots are also made with a leather and rubber hybrid sole that offers more flexibility, durability and grip with each step. 
  • Heel: A 
  • Full Leather Lining 
  • Hand Made In Mercedes, Texas 

**Leather will vary** We can send pictures of the size you are ordering to see the leather if needed.

Majority of AB boots we carry are exclusive to Dennards.  Order while they are in stock as it can take over a year to get.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review