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Product Overview

- Promotes healthy digestive system - Reduces joint inflammation - Promotes healthy hair, coat, hooves - Increases blood flow - Builds strong immune system - Blocks lactic acid build up - Promotes healthy reproductive system

Equine Mega Omega is a complete supplement used by some of the top horse trainers, horse owners and veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function. Horses were not meant to live in stalls and consume feeds high in saturated chemically extracted fat, they were meant to graze on fresh green grass. There are trillions of cells in a horse’s body and the majority of that cell wall is made up of fat, if it is good fat like Equine Mega Omega, nutrients get in and waste gets out and the cells function properly. However if the fat in your horse feed is hydrogenated, after chemically extracting using hexane and the fat contains animal fat, it is bad for your horse. This would be like you eating fast food every meal of your life. Bad fat builds a plastic wall around cells and eventually the cells began to function poorly. If cells are provided a properly balanced omega 3 rich polyunsaturated fat that contains the proper antioxidants that cleanses the cell walls of bad fat, the horse own anti inflammatory system is stimulated, the immune system strong, hoof quality is dramatically increased, hair coat is improved and anxiety is relieved.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review